Power Exchange

Perkins is working hard to ensure continuity of component supply. Power Exchange, the Perkins remanufactured offering, provides a cost effective solution to obtain good as new quality parts, from reworked core. A sustainable proposition, at the right price and all this with a reduced impact on the environment.

Power Exchange components are produced to the latest design specification and use only genuine Perkins components, whether you are supplied with a new or remanufactured product you can be assured that you will have the highest quality part available.

Using state of the art techniques and advanced remanufacturing processes we can guarantee that each part is as good as new.

The Core Acceptance Criteria is used by Perkins to inspect cores for core deposit refunds. You should inspect cores consistently by applying the core criteria. Each product family has a series of visual checks that must be performed to determine if the core is acceptable for core deposit refund.

View Core Acceptance Criteria

Power Exchange components work the same as new and last just as long. They are backed by the same 12-month warranty. Today we have over 800 parts across 22 engine ranges; this is regularly reviewed to match customer needs.